Our eco-responsible approach

Our eco-responsible approach at the Treuscoat Estate

Conscious of the challenges linked to the conservation of our planet for future generations, the Treuscoat Estate has continually improved its environmental performances since it was taken over in 2017.


To do this, we implemented an action plan including building renovation and renewable energy production (sun / wood). We take various market innovations and developments into account, and are committed to a sustainable, concrete eco-friendly approach.


Our action for the environment


The Treuscoat Estate has implemented several courses of action, through which our eco-friendly approach applies to all our activities: from our Residential Adventure Park with its Eco Lodges to our equestrian and forest-based activities.


Treuscoat Estate in Brittany's countryside
  • Using renewable energy in our eco lodges: lighting, economic water management, eco toilets.
  • Use of eco-certified or natural cleaning products.
  • Heating in the common areas is ensured using wood chips from our own forest and its surrounding area, via a local supply chain overseen by a local company named “Coat Bro Montroulez”.
  • Balanced forest management, as part of a simple, approved management plan.
  • Limiting our Eco Lodges' impact on their natural environment: limited lifespan (between 5 and 10 years), mobility, constructed using wood, visitor frequency, with the aim of having no impact on the surrounding natural environment.
  • Preferred use of short food channels, thanks to various partnerships with local producers, as well as the implementation of closed markets to promote producers and encourage exchanges and discussions.
  • Preserving wildlife corridors and, more generally, contributing to protect biodiversity.


Short supply chains and promoting our partners


Our local partners are an integral part of our sustainable, slow tourism policy. Thanks to them, we can promote and value local treasures and generate additional economic impact at territory level.


We promote local companies by indicating product origin. In our shop and bar and / or in the food we offer, you may find produce from these local, artisanal companies:

  • La Belle-Iloise cannery
  • Le Bois Jumel,
  • Kergompez Orchard,
  • A l’Aise Breizh,
  • Bretagne Apéritif Club,
  • O’Taquet,
  • L’Urbaine,
  • Ter’Raz,


  • Coz Mezou,
  • Crousty’Breizh,
  • La Route des Comptoirs,
  • La Cuisine d’Olivier,
  • Maison Legoff,
  • La Belle-Iloise
  • Ty Bocal,
  • Maison Kerys.


We also prefer local companies for all our outdoor services: the Parcabout® treetop nets, the construction of our accommodation, etc.


And inside too! The Treuscoat Estate prefers long-term business and the creation of long-term jobs within the company. Its staff is trained and sensitive to eco-friendly gestures and to the company’s policy for the performance of their daily tasks.


Environmental policy: our projects for the future


Two actions should also be implemented at the Treuscoat Estate, as part of our eco-friendly approach.


  • As of now, promoting slow tourism, by creating partnerships with other stakeholders, to take full advantage of the nature and wealth of Finistere's local heritage.
  • In upcoming years, we intend to become self-sufficient in terms of energy within the Treuscoat Estate's 63 hectares, thanks in particular to photo-thermic panels, a boiler fired with wood shavings and to our future solar panels.


Wishing to take our visitors’ comments into account, we will be attentive to your remarks and ideas, to pursue our progress and meet environmental requirements! Please don’t hesitate to let us know what you think, directly at reception or by using the Contact us section on our website.


Located in Brittany, near Morlaix (Finistere), the Treuscoat Estate brings together some Eco lodges (tree house cabins, tree house lodges, yurt, Nid’Île tree domes), outdoor activities, an equestrian centre and a well-being space.

Breaking News

Eco lodges booking is now open for 2022/23 season


Here we are ! The planning is open until august 2023.

Perfect time to plan your getaway to Brittany in our sustainable eco lodges.

Winter getaway up in the air ? Our 6 tree house lodges Harris, Lewis, Nessie, Dundee, Kelso and Glasgow await you.
Looking for peaceful time at ground level ? Our modern yurt Tweed and Clyde are available too.
Searching for adventure ? Our tree house cabins Tinto is now open for booking all the year round.


Winter tips ? Private hot tub at your lodge !
Our eco lodges Kelso, Harris and Nessie and our modern yurts Tweed and clyde all have private hot tub (Nordic bath) for you to enjoy a peaceful moment of relaxation.

You fell in love with another lodge ? No worries : our wellness area with hot tub and sauna is also available for booking with your accommodation for an hour session (sauna, hot tub or both).


Christmas and New Year breaks at the Treuscoat

With family or with friends, make this Christmas and New Year one to remember !

Located between the Morlaix Bay and the Arrée Mountain, our eco lodges are insulated and heated for your confort.

And to take full benefits during your festive breaks, Christmas or New Year’s stays are available for a minimum of 2 nights : from 24/12 to 26/12 (no arrivals on 25/12) and from the 31/12 to 02/01 (no arrivals on 01/01).