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À l’Aise Breizh: our clothing and accessories


Located 14 km from the estate in Morlaix, the A l’Aise Breizh workshop makes a range of textile items printed with the Treuscoat emblem. In our shop and online store, you’ll find our tea cloths, tote bags, T-shirts, sweatshirts, basebal caps, beanie hats and even some of the cushions used to decorate our cabins.

In a nutshell, when studying textiles, Erwann Créac’h decided to create a range of funny Breton T-shirts. He created a few T-shirts in 1996 for the “General Tour” exhibition, a slightly unconventional event which began in bars, and they were then sold in markets. The brand also became known through its humour and Breton turn of phrase, leading to the first A l’aise Breizh shop opening in Morlaix in 1998. He hired several seamstresses and elaborate a wide range of products (tea cloths, aprons, cushions, bags etc.). The brand has thus bolstered local production and short distribution channels thanks to its 100% Morlaix-based weaving, manufacture and printing.


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Kergompez Orchard: our local apple juice


We chose to collaborate with one of our neighbours to offer you the best juice in the area: Kergompez Orchard. Located just 4 km from the estate in the same village, Pleyber Christ, Alain Delaire grows apples and pears. His delicious apple juice is sold in our shop and is a favourite at breakfast.


La Belle Îloise: aperitif hampers

Being close to the Bay of Morlaix, we obviously wanted to offer seafood, so we partnered with “La Belle Îloise”, who make up superb aperitif hampers. The closest “La Belle Îloise” shop is located in Morlaix's town centre. Georges Hillet, the son of a trawlerman, created the Belle Îloise cannery in 1932, near the fishing port of Quiberon. Their direct access to the sea is a guarantee of quality, as they use fresh fish which has just been landed. Hungry yet? Having broken away from mass distribution, Georges opened his first direct-sales shop in Quiberon in 1967, appended to his cannery. Nowadays, there are sales points beyond Breton borders, along France's many coastlines and even in Belgium.


Le Bois Jumel: jams and preserves

For those with a sweet tooth, we offer delicious jams and stewed fruits made by our partner, Le Bois Jumel. From the must-try 'dulche de leche' (milk jam) to the more traditional strawberry jam and apricot jam flavoured with honey. For your tea time, why not try their caramel compote: it’s really delicious! There’s plenty for those who prefer savoury things too. Indeed, Le Bois Jumerl make terrines and other spreadables for your aperitifs. A veggie range is available with varieties of humous, red or white beans and even Paimpol beans. As part of their range of terrines and rillettes, Le Bois Jumel offers rillettes made from Armorican duck, a buckwheat and Red Label pork terrine, another combining wild boar and chestnuts and finally their bestseller: venison terrine with apples. A true delight for wild game-lovers. Careful to offer high-quality local products, we chose to collaborate wirth this company in the Morbihan for its social commitment. Indeed, Le Bois Jumel, founded in 1981, is a company and work-based support centre. Its primary objective is to promote the social and professional insertion of handicapped workers. As such, the company has three economic activities. The upkeep and creation of green spaces, the management of a wildlife park called “La Ferme du Monde” and finally a workshop producing jams and compotes.

Located in Brittany, near Morlaix (Finistere), the Treuscoat Estate brings together some Eco lodges (tree house cabins, tree house lodges, yurt, Nid’Île tree domes), outdoor activities, an equestrian centre and a well-being space.

Breaking News

Eco lodges booking is now open for 2022/23 season


Here we are ! The planning is open until august 2023.

Perfect time to plan your getaway to Brittany in our sustainable eco lodges.

Winter getaway up in the air ? Our 6 tree house lodges Harris, Lewis, Nessie, Dundee, Kelso and Glasgow await you.
Looking for peaceful time at ground level ? Our modern yurt Tweed and Clyde are available too.
Searching for adventure ? Our tree house cabins Tinto is now open for booking all the year round.


Winter tips ? Private hot tub at your lodge !
Our eco lodges Kelso, Harris and Nessie and our modern yurts Tweed and clyde all have private hot tub (Nordic bath) for you to enjoy a peaceful moment of relaxation.

You fell in love with another lodge ? No worries : our wellness area with hot tub and sauna is also available for booking with your accommodation for an hour session (sauna, hot tub or both).


Christmas and New Year breaks at the Treuscoat

With family or with friends, make this Christmas and New Year one to remember !

Located between the Morlaix Bay and the Arrée Mountain, our eco lodges are insulated and heated for your confort.

And to take full benefits during your festive breaks, Christmas or New Year’s stays are available for a minimum of 2 nights : from 24/12 to 26/12 (no arrivals on 25/12) and from the 31/12 to 02/01 (no arrivals on 01/01).